Book "Pieces of Berlin 2014-2018"
Book "Pieces of Berlin 2009-2013"

Berlin – for most younger people around the planet, nowadays the German capital amounts to the focal point of the contemporary hip and cool. Yet beyond the neo-bohemian gloss of the virtually infinite nightlife and the creative class’s sleekness in myriads of galleries and art spaces lies the other, the “normal” Berlin. And it is this still rather poor and transformative, staggeringly ordinary city that has become the obsession of 28 years old, Austrian-born, long-standing Berlin resident Florian Reischauer.

With the blog “Pieces of Berlin”, founded in early 2010, Reischauer has found his very own, unique perspective on one of the world’s most interesting and marvelous cities – and, above all, its inhabitants. Approaching the average citizen with a restrained and unagitated attitude, relying on the incorruptible view of his analogue vintage camera, the artist attempts to lay out and capture a profile of Berlin’s everyday life in its entirety, thereby documenting both the current bustle and the constant change of this exciting metropolis. For the viewer, this allows a whole new, different and unexpected angle to look at a city we all seem to know so well.

- Henning Lahmann